Without a doubt, working in the travel industry has been the most fulfilling professional experience of my career.

I’ve always said that relationships are what matter most in my life. Whether it’s a personal or business relationship, it’s my nature to take care of people. In the corporate world, I strongly believe that a client buys into you first, the product second and the company last. If they don’t trust you out of the gate, it will be difficult to pitch your product. And the company at that point? Don’t worry, you’ve already lost the deal. Or, at the very least you need to come up with a new game plan. And bring donuts and coffee.

Many people asked why I started on this venture. Again, it comes down to relationships. In my previous role helping my partners succeed in the travel industry, I traveled for work and recognized the need to be more grounded in my home. I fostered a new appreciation for technology and effort it takes to build a successful platform and the talented teams who help bring it all together. The developers I’ve worked with have been amazing – they have incredible minds.

Back to why I began this venture. There is so much focus today on leisure travel. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a huge share of the travel market; however, business travellers are relying on the same platforms as leisure travellers. There’s not a lot of focus on the business traveller, and I want to help bridge that gap in the market.

For those who are leisure travellers, you are also welcome to book directly on the site. We treat all customers as equals. We offer all customers an easy-to-use platform with the largest global inventory and the best deals.

Marnie Omichinski

Founder & CEO